Our Story

Hounds of Hanningfield is a story inspired by the Essex countryside, and delightfully, two Labradors!

The mastermind behind this delectable gin, Simon, avidly built his gin collection over the years and dreamt of one day producing his own bespoke small batch craft gin.

While walking his adorable dogs, Bertie and Elsie, in the Essex countryside around the Hanningfields – three small villages in Essex, he would muse over ingredients and flavours for the ideal gin recipe. This inspired the name and led to the development of Hounds of Hanningfield Gin.

This is a traditional gin lovers’ gin; classic juniper with earthy tones and a subtle, crisp grapefruit finish. We use an exceptionally high level of botanicals to pack our gin with flavour. It is so smooth it can be enjoyed on its own over ice. When you add tonic and ice, the flavours are released in a delicate magical mist with a pearlescent shimmer. Other gins sometimes cold-filter this out but working with our Master Distiller, we didn’t want to compromise on flavour and love the fantastic fulsome taste and mouthfeel this produces. Don’t follow the crowd follow the Hounds! Sometimes you’ve got to take a different path. It’s time to think outside the kennel!

Best served with a premium tonic over lots of ice with a grapefruit garnish, Hounds of Hanningfield is lively, outgoing, and like a Labrador, faithful – it won’t let you down, but unlike a Labrador, if left alone it won’t chew your shoes!

Please note that you may notice a slight haze when the bottle is cold.

Release the Hounds! Release the Mist! Release the Taste!