Meet The Maker

Gin connoisseur & collector Simon has curated gin for many years, mulling over tastes, botanicals and notes while daring to dream that one day he would produce his own. 

Originally from Billericay, Simon and his wife Emma moved near to the Hanningfields in 2014 and were immediately taken by the fresh air, tranquillity and open space; the perfect environment to nurture two gorgeous yellow Labradors – Bertie and Elsie, now 6 and 4. 

While strolling with their four pawed companions, Simon struck upon a thought… why not produce a gin that gave you the same good for the soul feeling as a day in the countryside with his beloved pets…? Warm, content and refreshed.

Simon absolutely loves the flavour of gin and the thrill of finding new ones to try. He has almost run out of wall space for his collection! He enjoys developing his palate with a vast array of botanicals which gives him a real understanding of flavour combinations and has enjoyed the development process of Hounds of Hanningfield from start to finish. Gin is his go-to drink when relaxing with family and friends; some might say he has even become a bit of a gin bore! 

He is thrilled to have finally perfected his own gin and to be able to share it with you.